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Check out our selection of new and used equipment

Detergents for pressure washers and parts washers From time to time, our customers want to upgrade their equipment, and turn in the pressure washer they currently own as a trade-in. We completely refurbish the equipment, certifying that all components are working properly, and offer them for sale.

Review our current used equipment selection below and call (916) 731-4489 for more details. We also offer a rent to own program for used equipment. Our refurbished equipment doesn’t stick around long, so don’t delay!

Better Engineering T5000
Parts Washer

230V, 3 Phase
Hydraulic door lift

Inside good condition, outside not so nice

But it works!

$5000 obo

(New this unit would cost around $50,000+)

Better Engineering T5000


Air/Water Machines
Two available - NEW

$1400 each


Eagle Fury

Steel Eagle Fury 2400XL - Clean and Capture surface spinner and vacuum unit. 

Your Price: $8,000