Sacramento, CA

No matter the application, we have the best cleaning equipment

Precision Cleaning Systems has provided equipment solutions to professionals in a range of professions, in the form of Hotsy cold, hot water pressure washers and parts washers. Many types of industries have profited from using Hotsy high-pressure cleaning equipment in a number of applications. Our customer base is comprised mostly of the following industries:

Food Processing
Heavy Manufacturing
Waste Haulers
Trucking Companies
Automotive Manufacturing
Truck Repair
Bottling Companies
Ski Resorts

Nowadays, pressure washers are found in many applications from cleaning winery equipment to cleaning big rigs. The diversity in our line means you can clean just about anywhere. You can mount a pressure washer on the back of a pickup truck or trailer, along with a water storage tank and have remote cleaning at your fingertips.

Our pressure washers are ideal for cleaning equipment, sidewalks, vehicles, farm buildings and manufacturing facilities. However, we also offer solutions for chemical plants and refineries in the form of explosion proof pressure washers. Wineries benefit by using our pressure washers as well as our tank and barrel cleaners.

Many companies with heavy equipment and fleets are choosing a wash bay. A wash bay consists of a stationary pressure washer mounted on a stand in a remote location, away from where you’ll be washing. A series of hoses and trolleys brings the high pressure spray to the wash bays, where more than one user can wash simultaneously. The pressure washer can be fitted to draw from your existing power and fuel supply, like natural gas, LP Gas, even electrically heated machines! Wash bays can be combined with our water recycling equipment to capture, filter and reuse, providing a green solution in California’s strict business climate.

No matter what you are cleaning, we can help. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable, and can help match you with the best pressure washer for your business. We are located in Sacramento and would love to provide a solution for your business today!

Pressure Washer Applications