Sacramento, CA

Pressure Washer Replacement Trigger Guns & Wands

If you need a replacement trigger gun or high-pressure wand for your pressure washer, look no further than Precision Cleaning Systems of Sacramento, CA. We have a large selection of trigger guns – over 30 varieties in varying PSI and styles, including Hotsy authentic guns.

We also carry an assortment of wands, ranging from dual lances, for use with detergent in a downstream injector to our push and pull lance that cleans in a 90 degree angle. A great accessory for cleaning two-story buildings or tall structures is our telescoping wand, which extends up to 24 feet. It easily attaches to your pressure washer in place of a regular wand. Using the proper accessories means you will clean quicker and more efficiently.

Request our catalog to view our large selection of trigger guns and wands. Contact the team at Precision Cleaning Systems in Sacramento today at (916) 731-4489.

Pressure Washer Trigger Guns & Wands