Sacramento, CA

Pressure Washer High-Pressure Nozzles

Did you know that the nozzle on the tip of a high-pressure wand is what actually produces the high-pressure spray when using a pressure washer? And not all nozzles work the same. In fact, there are quite a few varieties when it comes to replacement nozzles. Standard nozzle tips are available in a fan spray of 0°, 15°, 25° and 40°, all based on your application. We offer quick connect nozzles which are easily snapped into place.

For tough cleaning, consider the turbo nozzle, which takes a zero degree or pencil thin spray, and spins it into a conical shape to provide a wider patch of high intensity cleaning. The turbo nozzle is great for removing paint or heavy, caked-on mud and dirt from construction track vehicles.

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Pressure Washer Replacement Nozzles