Sacramento, CA

Wash Bay Systems for truck and vehicle washing

Businesses are turning to Wash Bay systems for truck washes and cleaning heavy equipment, like tractors and dozers. Precision Cleaning Systems is your resource for wash bays, offering design, installation, equipment and service.

A wash bay typically includes a stationary pressure washer with trolleys and hoses that carry water to the washing area. High pressure cleaning is available by simply pulling the trigger gun. A wash bay system has many benefits, like tapping into existing electric or natural gas to power the pressure washer. Hose reels are mounted on the walls to keep the hose off of the ground, prolonging the life. We can provide detergent in bulk quantities, and position it so it will automatically feed into the water stream for cleaning.

Wash water can be captured, treated and recycled for use with our water treatment and recycling systems and recycling systems.

We would be happy to meet with you on site for a free, no-obligation site analysis to determine if your business can benefit from installing a wash bay system. Call the cleaning professionals at Precision Cleaning Systems in Sacramento, CA - your wash bay experts!